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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis as a method has the ambition of pursuing a deep transformation of a defensively structured personality into an identity that can contain a multiplicity of different aspects of the Self. This rigid structure is considered a consequence of relational traumas and deprivation of the needs for attachment and recognition. This method, based on long term containment, non judgmental listening and exploration of unconscious processes and conflicts, applies very well to the developmental needs of the Self. The process consists of the repetition and working through within the relationship with the analyst of the traumatic developmental deprivations of the past in the search of the emotional corrective experience needed by the patient.

Short Term Focused and Integrated Psychotherapy

The psychoanalytic theory integrated with the cognitive approach is the essence of a short term psychotherapy that is often appropriate to the specific need of a patient who does not seek a deeper and long term treatment. This technique is focused on the recognition of the specific problem and conflict presented by a patient which interferes with the achievement of normal development and autonomy. The diagnostic evaluation is crucial to properly identify the problem, taking into consideration the specific needs, the evolutionary resources and the resistance to change.
An essential part of this approach is the belief that the patient’s vitality, resilience and life choices will be an important component in the ongoing process of cure once the stalemate has been recognized and resolved.
This integrated approach has been proved to be particularly appropriate and useful in couple therapy. The identification of the underlying conflict between the psychological structures of the individuals involved in the relationship is one of the important aspects of this approach in order to understand, contain and resolve the tendency to repeat inappropriate modalities of attachment.

Short Term Couple Therapy

The integration of psychodynamic and cognitive models have shown to be particularly useful in the treatment of the conflicts within the couple relationship. The identification of the underlying conflict between the individual psychological structures is a crucial component of the containment and resolution of the tendency to repeat inappropriate modalities of attachment from the past.

Areas of Intervention

Integration of relational psychoanalytic models and different psychotherapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, can be crucial in approaching different forms of pathology like: depressive states and actual pathology (panic attacks, somatic and eating disorders). In the case of psychopathology, expressive psychotherapy is preferred, as in the treatment of hysterical, obsessive and narcissistic unconscious conflicts that constrict the development of the Self.